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Featured Video: Andel - Floodline Leak Protection - Our Systems are Robust, Flexible...
Floodline leak detection is installed in sensitive and critical areas to give an early warning of leakage from any source, e.g. pipes, tanks and air conditioning plants. Currently our system can be used for water leak detection, refrigerant gas leak detection and oil leak detection. Floodline uses lengths of water sensing detection cable or point sensors which are connected individually, or in groups, to multi-zone control panels (Floodline...Click to Watch
Featured Video: DMS - Elster BK-G Series Gas Diaphragm Meters with Data Collection
The Elster BK-G Diaphragm range of Gas meters are held by DMS for next day delivery, our technical team are on hand for any queries you may have. DMS are the fastest growing independent metering company in the UK. Our purpose built offices in Nottingham enable us to hold huge stocks for next day delivery & are also home to our Sontex Heat Meter training sessions - held by our Technical Manager Chris Bishop - you can book...Click to Watch
Dimplex - Maximum Comfort at Minimum Cost with Dimplex Q-Rad
Dimplex’s new Q-Rad electric radiator combines radiant and convection heating elements with delayed start anticipatory control, to provide heat exactly when it is wanted, as economically as possible. Packed with features that drive efficiency, Q-Rad is designed to provide efficient, quick and cost-effective heating, delivering maximum comfort at minimum cost. Dimplex has even optimised the shape of the air outlet louvers...Read More
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Mitsubishi Electric Reshapes Air Source Heat Pump Market
Mitsubishi Electric has launched the next generation of its market-leading Ecodan air source heat pump range with a host of new initiatives that increases heat up efficiency by 17 per cent, makes remote monitoring easier to access, thereby aiding applications to Government initiatives, and also introduces a whole new way of heating a cylinder. The developments include the UK’s first use of a plate heat exchanger in a...Read More
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Giacomini UK - Heat your Home for Less this Winter
Traditional heating systems often result in energy being wasted as they heat all rooms to the same temperature. The solution to this is to only heat when and where is necessary. The cheapest, simplest and most reliable method for doing this is to equip radiators with thermostatic valves and heads from Giacomini, who has launched its new R460 Thermostatic Radiator Valve. The R460 will help users increase the efficiency of their...Read More
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Monodraught - RAL Certification for Monodraught Cool-phase Material
Monodraught’s innovative Cool-phase low energy ventilation and cooling system is now further enhanced thanks to its high-performance phase change material (PCM) being awarded a RAL Certificate following extensive testing. The two-year test programme, which involves heating and cooling the material to capacity during 10,000 cycles, measures the material’s performance levels and working life. The actual figures...Read More
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PMA UK - Brand New NSNV-M Fittings to Offer Major Advantages over Previous Models
Exciting news! PMA can now offer from stock NSNV-M fittings. This is a series of straight swivel fittings with a similar construction to the existing NSWV-M 90° elbow and NSBV-M 90° curved elbow fittings and is based on the existing PMAFIX IP68 series sealing technology. The major difference compared to the standard PMAFIX IP68 series is that the metal termination thread is snapped onto, instead of being directly injection moulded into...Read More
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Heat Mat - Prevent Pipes Bursting or Freezing Ahead of Severe Winter Weather
Are you ready for winter? With the weather turning colder, Heat Mat is currently specifying Trace heating and pipe protection for a variety of uses throughout the UK including preventing burst pipes. The majority of failing pipes in this country are caused by pipes bursting when frozen. The Association of British Insurers identify that burst pipes cost their members £2.5 million in claims every day*. As a result of the harsh 2010 winter over £1 billion...Read More
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