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Featured Video: Breathing Buildings - Weather Performance - Watertight Natural...
In the latest of our video updates we discuss the question of weather performance. The questions we answer in the design of natural ventilation system is how large do the openings need to be to provide enough air exchange and how do you weatherproof that opening. Most natural ventilation systems use classical, bladed, louvre systems to weatherproof the opening, but not all louvres are created equal as our founder and CEO Dr Shaun...Click to Watch
Featured Video: DMS - PoWogaz Screwed Hot & Cold Water Meter
The PoWogaz range of Water meters are held by DMS for next day delivery, our technical team are on hand for any queries you may have & all our products are backed up by our Technical Support team. The meters featured in this video are the PoWogaz MWN-NK 50G Hot & Cold water meters - both MID Approved! The Cold water meter is WRAS Approved making it suitable for potable water (Drinking water). DMS are the fastest growing...Click to Watch
Ancon Teplo-L-Tie Shortlisted for “Best Innovation in Insulation” Award
Winner in 2012, Ancon has again been shortlisted in the prestigious ‘Build It’ industry awards. The Ancon Teplo-L-Tie, ideal for use where a low thermal conductivity restraint fixing is required between a masonry outer leaf and an in-situ structure, has been shortlisted in the 2014 award for the ‘Best Innovation in Insulation’. Judged by a panel of industry experts, the Build It Awards celebrate the latest developments in the self-build market...Read More
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Elbagate-EAE Launch the DABLine Range - DAB Underfloor Busbar Trunking
EAE Elektrik, through their UK partner Elbagate Ltd, have launched a new range of underfloor busbar trunking. The range, designated DABLine, has ratings of 63A and 80A. The DABLine is available with conductor configurations ranging from two conductors through to five conductors, plus the casing as earth. The busbar offers single phase, and three phase options, and is available with clean earth versions. Each different conductor...Read More
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Panasonic - Seal of Approval for Panasonic
Panasonic has been recognised by The British Allergy Foundation, receiving the Allergy UK ‘Seal of Approval’ for its Nanoe-G air purifying technology. Allergy UK is the leading national charity dedicated to supporting allergy sufferers in the UK. One of its aims is to offer advice on the best products for sufferers. To do this, it scientifically tests products to prove they are efficient at reducing or removing allergens from the external...Read More
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Artemide Present the Meteorite 15 for Christmas 2014
Italian lighting specialists Artemide unveil the ‘Meteorite 15’ by Pito & Tito Toso for Christmas 2014. The ‘Meteorite 15’, designed by Pito & Tito Toso, has been chosen from the Artemide new 2014 collection as a Christmas exclusive for the UK. Created with Artemide’s characteristic ability to combine traditional hand-blown glass techniques with the latest lighting technologies, the ‘Meteorite 15’ cleverly combines these two...Read More
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Bilco Assists Industry to Access Education
Bilco has launched Bilco Assist, a new initiative aimed at sharing its knowledge and expertise with the construction industry. The leading access products manufacturer is investing in providing a resource which architects, building engineers, facilities managers, roofers and M&E contractors can tap into, to improve their skills in access product specification. “This is one area in which most of the industry’s proficiency in specification still...Read More
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Fläkt Woods Receives Carbon Trust Accreditation
In recognition of Fläkt Woods’ strong track record in designing and delivering high quality HVAC products, the company has been accredited as a Carbon Trust Supplier. The market-leading scheme is renowned for selecting high quality, energy efficient and renewable technology suppliers, while also providing independent validation and recognition of skills and services. Commenting on the accreditation, Vice President for Fläkt Woods...Read More
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