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Rapid Fix Range Extended

C/S Acrovyn - Rapid Fix Installation System

Rapid Fix enables lengths of hand/crash rails to be prefabricated and installed in less than half the site time of the traditional method. Rapid Fix uses, a unique C/S, cam locking system on the bracket, which slots and locks into the crashrail retainer. The crashrail is installed quickly and efficiently.

This sturdy fixing system has now been extended to even more of our profiles due to its continuing success.

The long term benefits are that maintenance of walls, and access to service drops is fast, easy and allows the bracket fixing into the wall to remain secure, whilst the rail itself can be released by unlocking the cam with a slim spanner.

  • No more: drilling holes in the retainer
  • No more: Struggling with component alignment (alignment of retainer holes, bracket placement, stud locations)
  • Ease of: Bracket location and attachment
  • Allows for: Pre-assembly of retainer, cover and end caps 'off-site'
  • Allows for: Easy Maintenance

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